The Wilderness

They say once we are saved we are to be Christ like. We are supposed to think about how we treat people and how we respond to not only temptation but tribulation.

I used to think that the hardest task as a disciple was giving up sin but it isn’t. In my opinion, the hardest thing to do is love like God loves. It is consuming to love those who use and abuse you. Friends who you constantly think about whose mind you dont even cross. 

Everyday I am reminded of the valley I am in. I know that these times of tribulation are temporary. I understand who my real friends are now, and who are seasons. I understand peoples motives and their ulterior motives. In this, I also understand that I cannot allow them to anger me, but instead provoke me to pray for them and to forgive.

I am not the only child of God going through this. It is to my understanding that every TRUE child of God has either been through, going through, or about to enter their time of wilderness. Stay strong my brothers and sisters, stay strong. 


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